Bold Creations


“I have always been nourished by the signature style of Robert Linxe, which influences all my creations resulting in more pronounced flavours, new textures and chocolates with less sugar.  What is certain, I am heir to Robert’s perfection of balances. I create chocolates just as Robert Linxe would have created today.  I feel responsible for what he accomplished such as his philosophy of taste, assemblages and his balances of flavour”.


“I am on a constant quest to search for new raw ingredients to craft the chocolate of tomorrow”.  Nicolas Cloiseau 


“The magic of the newly invented pieces rests always remains centred around chocolate; and enables me to push chocolate to its limit.  The suppleness of the material allows me to craft whimsical pieces and creations that fire the imagination." Nicolas Cloiseau


Nicolas Cloiseau is at the heart of the artistic signature and excellence of taste of La Maison du Chocolat.  He infuses his creative prowess into all the collections showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Known and renown for his sense of detail and tireless devotion to chocolate, he has brought chocolate to life through his exquisite artistic creations, bringing forth the subtlety of the material.


Liberating chocolate from its sole role as a product for degustation, he transforms the material and bends it to his will.  Architectural structures, lacework, sculpture, perforations, painting, all provide chocolate with new expressions. Interpretations that take liberties and test the limits, a work of superposing and playing with shades of chocolate that put this noble material in a new light and underscore its beauty.


The chocolatiers, under the direction of Nicolas Cloiseau, make their works of art, which require many weeks of teamwork to sculpt and decorate the seasonal pieces, a testimony to the versatility of chocolate. 

  • Tree of Wonder

    Christmas 2014

  • Easter Flight

    Easter 2015

  • Christmas in New York

    Christmas 2010

  • Choc-a-Doodle-Doo

    Easter 2012

  • Celestial Christmas Tree

    Christmas 2012

  • A Midwinter Night's Dream

    Christmas 2013

  • Snake for Boucheron