Chocolate bars pictures

What about fine chocolate truffles or flavored ganache? The fine chocolate selections created by La Maison du Chocolat are perfect for special occasions.

Boxed chocolates by the French chocolatier are an original gift idea. If you buy an assorted chocolate box at a La Maison du Chocolat boutique, you will receive artisan chocolates made from the freshest ingredients.

Dark chocolate treats : Assorted chocolates for every taste

Be it small or large chocolate boxes ? our selections are always elegantly presented. The high cocoa content of the chocolate assortments created by La Maison du Chocolat ensures an intense dark chocolate flavor.

Tasting gourmet dark chocolate truffles

From caramel to champagne truffles: La Maison du Chocolat offers handmade chocolate truffles for refined taste. Elegantly presented and simply delicious - an unforgettable experience!

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