22 September 2015


Fuchsia, saffron, gold, and amber set the tone of this collection. Nicolas Cloiseau has boldly redefined truffles, flaunting his colorful and high-spirited showmanship.  He turns the tables on the mythical codes of this airy whipped ganache and sets the stage in living colour.  The outcome: truffles still highly desirable, transformed on the interior but completely liberated. With a nod to his emotive universe, Nicolas crafted seven recipes with acidulous, fruity, and even peppery notes to put his stamp on this legendary treasure.

His new palette of interpretations features acidulous blackcurrant, sassy and fruity, yuzu with fresh pepper and a caramel toffee enhanced with fleur de sel. The bouquets of the eaux-de-vie and clean spirits shade their flavors in this new collection. Saké, Whisky and Cognac succumb to the cacao. The perfect harmony of the aromatic typicities underscores the marked style. The pairing of chocolate and spirits reveals floral, caramelised or nutty notes.  The elegant Saké woos with its lively, feminine notes, the caramel accents in the Whisky feel sultry, and round on the palate, while the amber notes of fine champagne evoke the flavors of raisins and walnuts.

From the exquisite custom colors, to the perfectly whipped, airy texture, Nicolas Cloiseau presents a collection of surprises.  He has achieved a new expression of a legend:  the truffle, resolutely timeless.

New Collection available from November 9th in all of our boutiques.
- Flavored Truffles : $60 gift box of 0.46 lb. / $96 gift box of 0.74 lb.
assortment of three flavours:
Cassis : blackcurrant ganache and blackcurrant pepper.
Yuzu : Yuzu ganache, Sansho pepper.
Caramel Toffee : caramel ganache with vanilla and Guérande fleur de sel.
- Truffles with alcohol: $60 gift box of 0.43 lb. / $96 gift box of 0.71 lb.
Assortment of three gaanches: Saké, Whisky and Fine Champagne Cognac.
- Plain Truffles :$30 gift box of 0.18 lb. / $60 gift box of 0.46 lb. / $96 gift box of 0.74 lb.
Ganache truffles with round and intenses notes.

Truffles with alcohol
Truffles with alcohol
Truffles with alcohol gift box
Truffles with alcohol gift box
Plain Truffles
Plain Truffles
Plain Truffles gift box
Plain Truffles gift box
Flavored Truffles
Flavored Truffles
Flavored Truffles gift box
Flavored Truffles gift box
30 April 2018
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Collection available in the boutiques and online in May, 23rd 2018.

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